Jordan Fink

Jordan Fink

Jordan Fink, was an award-winning, commercial photographer with 51 years experience, specializing in location and studio.
He has vast experience in corporate/small business identity pieces, multi-image, powerpoint presentations, website photography and Annual Reports, corporate/small business special events and meetings, products, portraits, architecture, Real Estate, production stills, fashion, weddings, trade shows and more.

Jordan was well versed with location or studio shooting, winning the top award in the world for “Excellence in Location Photography” in England, a competition among twenty-eight countries. He has worked for clients across the United States, as well as internationally, consistently receiving acclaim throughout his fifty-one-year career. He was exceptionally adept at shooting an “available light” style, even when using flash for a natural look, as well as having an intriguing, photojournalistic style. Jordan’s ability to capture the best shot in any situation or environment with people, animals, nature and architecture dictates his creative eye and keeps him consistently sought after and at the top of the A-list.

Jordan holds a Photography Degree from Georgia State University and welcomes assignments both at home and abroad.

William (Bill) “Jordan” Fink was born January 20, 1952 and passed at 5:39 AM, February 7, 2019 after suffering from a lingering liver condition.
Jordan or Bill was an Award-Winning, Published Photographer in Atlanta, Georgia whose career spanned 51 years.

This is his stock site that will be maintained for the next 99 years honoring his work.